Muthu Pannirselvam has had a varied international career that has included university teaching, industry consulting, strategic advising, building and construction projects, property investment and organising small and large events including three international conferences.

Muthu was always curious of knowing “how things work” from atoms to space. His curiosity has helped him to sharpen his skills in research and development. He has developed a few products in the USA and in Australia and writes programs and codes during the weekends for mobile & web applications. He is an author and an editor of various technical articles for trades teaching, book chapters and a recent book focused on technology and smart cities

In the past 15 years, he has lectured over 1000 students, has trained (technical and research support) over 2500 students, has completed over 150 small to large industrial projects and has organised some 100 seminars that have attracted at least 2000 industries in Australia and overseas. Muthu likes technology and innovation that benefits humanity at large. 


Emma completed a Bachelor of Science and a Masters in Chemistry at the University of Adelaide. During her time at University she participated Science outreach programs with the Young Scientists of Australia and was the Publicity Officer for the Astronomical Society of South Australia. After completing University, Emma worked as a development and analytical chemist focusing on detergents and household products such as laundry liquids and dishwasher tablets. Deciding to make a career change, Emma moved from the laboratory to a role where she could combine her love of STEM and teaching at Banyule Nillumbik Tech School. During her time at the Tech Schools, Emma has enjoyed learning about all the different technology they have on offer and sharing that information with the students who come through those doors. Emma moved from Banyule Nillumbik Tech School to Wyndham Tech School so that she could better get to know her local community.


Sam is an experienced STEM educator with a passion for empowering young people through innovation and technology. His background in industrial design and secondary teaching has allowed him to develop an approach to education that’s focused on project-based learning and design thinking while forging valuable partnerships with industry and keeping it fun!